Monday, 30 May 2011

I am a Cricket Player....Booooooooo

Hi friends, Its me again. With a funny but exciting news. I am playing cricket. Hahahhaa..........Yes it sounds funny, but sometimes true things sounds funny....What to do???

I have joined the Monspath ladies team. It all started like this.

One fine morning, when i was busy(sleeping) working in office, i got an email from one of my friend, inviting me to join the ladies team, as there was lack fo members.(I can hear the echo "this is what you do in office instead of working sending emails to each other.".......Hehehehhe true)
Well, back to the news.....When i got the invite i was worried, and told that i don't even know to hold the bat, and i did not want the team to lose because of me. But then my friend responded back " As if we are world cup player, and you are IPL player....We all sail in the same boat, so just come and have a try". And that how it all started.
But i think i really need to do this, just for my fans..........

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