Monday, 30 May 2011

I am a Cricket Player....Booooooooo

Hi friends, Its me again. With a funny but exciting news. I am playing cricket. Hahahhaa..........Yes it sounds funny, but sometimes true things sounds funny....What to do???

I have joined the Monspath ladies team. It all started like this.

One fine morning, when i was busy(sleeping) working in office, i got an email from one of my friend, inviting me to join the ladies team, as there was lack fo members.(I can hear the echo "this is what you do in office instead of working sending emails to each other.".......Hehehehhe true)
Well, back to the news.....When i got the invite i was worried, and told that i don't even know to hold the bat, and i did not want the team to lose because of me. But then my friend responded back " As if we are world cup player, and you are IPL player....We all sail in the same boat, so just come and have a try". And that how it all started.
But i think i really need to do this, just for my fans..........

Saturday, 28 May 2011


Quite a busy day it was….The day started as usual with usual weekend(classes) routine. But later in the evening, Trisa had a Birthday party to attend. With a dress code – DISNEY.
That was fun; all kids were dressed up as a character from DISNEY. There were princess, Mickey mouse, Mini Mouse, peter Pan….etc….etc….etc.
Trisa was dressed up as a princess. The party was honestly too good. They had a disco party, where kids were totally freaking out dancing with each other. They arranged for many games too. And Trisa won the passing the parcel game, and got play dough set as a prize. And also loads of tiny cute things like glitter pen, heart shape mini book, eraser, chocolate and balloon ( Trisa’s fav)
Evening an unexpected call from my friend to join the ladies cricket team. I was bit nervous and not confortable at the beginning, but later I thought that it would be rather better to give it a try. Honestly I had no coordination for the bat and the ball that was coming towards me. But friends around me were too good to encourage me and made me feel comfortable. It reminded me of those (g) olden days of me playing on the streets with my friends. I still remember me wearing a long skirt to catch the ball, to avoid my hands being hurt due to catching the ball.

Welcome to chatty-MUM


As a working mother, in everyday life, I have been juggling between housekeeping, cooking, rushing to office, taking my little one to school, extra curriculum which inturn makes me tired and exhausted. But in spite of all with no doubt my daughter makes me happy, surprised and PROUD MOM.
Life is busy; well it’s busy for everyone….. (I heard it…!!!). Of course its busy for everyone, who said NO…Just relax.
You know what, out of all these hectic life, blogging with you make me feel light. I am not here to advice or sing my own song. But just wanted to share my view as a mom, with little personal touch.
Kids are every mum’s world. Every kid deserves respect from others, no matter how young or how old they are. Set an example, BE a GOOD mum, because your kid will reflect you. – Not an ADVICE, if at all, I don’t see any offence. (Because I know advice comes under the category “YOU either LIKE IT or Totally HATE IT!!!)

But it's a place to share your views, experience too.


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