Sunday, 12 June 2011

Weekend Practice...:)

( Picture of me and Trisa back home and crazy dancing)

This weekend it is supposed to be too busy with me running to Cricket on one side, Taking Trisa for her dance practice and go crazy with my dance practice too. But Due to the rain , the cricket match got cancelling........But we still had our dance practice to dooooo. SUNDAY, WAKING UP @ 8:00 Am.......errrrrrrrr!!!Terrible :(.

Went to practice asusal late. Well, to put in most nicest way, i would say that i went at Indian standard time.:). Within our two, Trisa had her rehersal first on the stage. She did very well, definetly.....LATA autine mentioned that she really has got some natural talent......Thanks LATA Auntie. Trisa needs your blessing......
Then, it was my turn....Ton Tonnana Ton...!!!(Me and my friends are ready with our costume on the back stage, waiting for the other rehersal to get over. Finally, here we go.....ROCKING< ROLLING< and ofcourse DANCING on the stage.........Will post some picture after the final show ......

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