Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Trisa (4 Year old) - Barathanatiyam Performance 2011

This is Trisa's first Barthanatiyam Dance performance. It was her dance school " Anjali" annual day function. She started to attend the dance class , no so long, but picked up very well soon. My little cutie was so excited to wear the make-up and costumes.

She was looking very lovely indeed. HOooo NOooooo....Mothers eye......:)

When she first came to the stage, she immedietly took her position, and got ready for the dance.......Bless her. The way she started to look at the audience was awesome. Where did you get this sort of confidence and stage presence Trisa..........wow, wow....wow....:)

She was doing the whole dance with full josh and a big smile on her face. Friends told that she is too good for being just 4.

Not to mention, the day before she went crazy for the mehandi too....

My Cute cheeky monkey...And ofcourse PROUD(CHATTY) MUM.:)

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